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Before She Was Barbra
 Before she was BARBRA, she was Barbara. Here are some interesting facts about young Barbara.
Summer of '48 and '49 Barbara attends a health camp in upstate New York.
While attending P.S. 89, Barbara and 2 friends form the singing group called Bobbie and the Bernstein's.
Around this age Barbra complained of a constant ringing in her ears. She later discovered she has Tinnitus, she never hears silence.
At age ten Barbara auditions for MGM.
1957, Barbara is accepted to the Malden Bridge Playhouse.
As a school girl Barbara had a crush on already chess genius Bobby Fisher.
Barbara graduates from high school half a semester early and fourth in her class.
Eighteen-year-old Barbara enters the talent contest at The Lion, she wins.
After her second week at The Lion Barbara becomes Barbra and the rest is history!